Human clinical study on ElderCraft® for long-distance air travellers

Immune boosting

To test the efficacy of European Black Elderberry Extract on the physical and respiratory health of long-distance air travellers, a human clinical study with 312 subjects was arranged.

Approximately 20% of  travellers have upper respiratory health problems after a long-distance flight. The immune system and overall health can be severely compromised during long-distance flights, making such travel the perfect setting to test the beneficial effects of Black Elderberry Extract.

Test procedure


  • 312 economy class passengers participated at the study
  • 158 passengers received Elderberry capsules for 10 days prior to and 5 days after the flight (600-900 mg daily dosage)
  • 154 passengers received a placebo in the same time period
  • Cold episodes, cold duration and symptoms all recorded



The study found that supplementation is significantly effective at reducing the total duration
and severity of upper respiratory symptoms.

The figures speak for themselves

The trial linked use of European Black Elderberry Extract to


fewer cold episodes


shorter illness duration


 fewer symptoms


less severe symptoms

Facts about Colds and Flu and their Economic Impact

These evident proofs of the efficacy of European Black Elderberry Extract on the physical and respiratory health is of great value because there are high numbers of flu infections every year. Therefore, flu prevention is a hot topic.

The following numbers about flu season in the US might provide a better understanding:

  • 45 million cases of flu
  • 21 million flu-related medical visits
  • 810,000 flu-related hospital admissions
  • 61,000 flu-related deaths


(Data Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC)

As money matters, flu prevention is a hot topic.

See how much costs have been caused by colds and flue in 2018.

  • $10.4 billion - Estimated average of direct costs for outpatient doctor visits and inpatient hospital stays attributed to seasonal flu outbreaks 
  • 28% - Percentage of over-the-counter medication spending specifically for remedies against colds and flu
  • $16.3 billion - Estimated lost earnings each year due to flu, as a result of 111 million missed work days
  • $21.4 billion - Cost to employers of lost employee productivity due to flu in 2018

Our Academic Partners

At iprona, we proudly partner with major universities around the world to study and learn more
about the potential health benefits of our premium ingredient, ElderCraft®.

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