Company Values

Iprona is a worldwide leader in technologically-advanced fruit processing and marketing.

Over the past four decades, our company has developed proprietary technologies and introduced innovative natural ingredients for the global nutraceutical market. Our product range includes berry extracts, as well as concentrates made from berries, citrus and tropical fruits, infusions, food colourants and customer-specific compounds.

We at Iprona take pride in our longstanding commitment to running an honest, ethical, science- and values-driven business. Our Italy-based company has grown, innovated and succeeded since 1981 because we never lose sight of what we value:  

  • Responsibility for all (employees, growers and customers)  
  • Integrity
  • Continuity
  • Reliability
  • Trust 

We also are proud in our team of highly motivated, well-educated and well-cared-for employees. We are a family at Iprona and we come to work every day to help drive the business forward.

We make sure our customers receive the highest quality ingredients available anywhere and also have the best possible buying experience.

Our Commitment

ElderCraft® brand stands for full traceability

Iprona is the original developer and manufacturer of ElderCraft® European Black Elderberry Extract and owns the exclusive rights to sell and market the brand worldwide. 

As part of our commitment to integrity, reliability and trust as core values, Iprona guarantees that the ElderCraft® brand stands for full traceability, clinically-tested efficacy and only the highest production standards. Finished products displaying the ElderCraft® name must be approved by Iprona in order that we can guarantee the highest quality to consumers. 

Based in South Tyrol - Italy


Iprona AG developed and markets ElderCraft® European Black Elderberry Extract as a raw material so companies can produce products containing ElderCraft®. Because this website can be accessed from anywhere with Internet connectivity, the information presented here is intended for informational purposes only and does not necessarily satisfy regulatory requirements of all countries. Iprona AG makes no claims regarding the use of the finished products. All manufacturers and distributors with whom we do business are responsible for ensuring that the claims of their products comply with all regulatory requirements in effect in the locations in which their products are marketed and sold.

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